Summer Volunteers Needed

Summer is one of our most challenging times. We need your help to deliver meals to our homebound seniors & neighbors. 

Please click here or call us at (813) 238-8410 to find out how you can spend you summer giving back!


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Welcome to Meals On Wheels of Tampa

Imagine you have a family member who is homebound, struggling, and isn’t eating well.  You’re worried about them but, due to where you live or your own schedule, you can’t provide them with the healthy meals that you know they need.

Imagine that person is you.  Imagine, because of age, disabilities, or health problems, you can’t stand long enough to cook a meal.  Imagine that you’re unable to just hop in a car to go to the grocery store or to go out to eat. Perhaps walking is a struggle. You’re hungry.  You feel isolated and alone. Where can you turn for help? 

The answer is Meals On Wheels of Tampa.

Meals On Wheels of Tampa has been committed to nourishing and enriching the independent lives of the homebound and seniors of Tampa since 1975.

Today, Meals On Wheels of Tampa serves over 800 people with a hot meal during the lunch hour.  Meals On Wheels of Tampa is a 4-star charity and relies on its community for support by not accepting government funding.




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