we thank our DONORS

Meals On Wheels of Tampa would like thank all of our generous donors who contributed to our mission, from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.

Individual Gifts: $10,000+
Amy Shimberg
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Bob and Cathy Smith
Bretta Sullivan
Carol J. Schuler
Columbia Restaurant Group
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
Cyrus W. and Joanne Spurlino
David Finkel
Ed and Amber Bass
Edward DeBartolo
Estate of Arlene Gray
Estate of Judith Fasulo
Glenn and Hollyce Davenport
Global Imaging Systems Inc
Lt Col John and Doris Hallgren
Maximillian and Jana Boehmer
Merlin F. and Emma L. Wadsworth
Mutual of America Foundation
New York Yankees Foundation, Inc.
PAR, Inc.
Richard Behnke
Sherrie Slaboda
Suncoast Credit Union
TECO Energy
Triad Foundation, Inc.
We wish to thank all donors who would like to remain anonymous
Individual Gifts: $5,000-$9,999
Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, Inc.
Bay Hope Church
Bloomin’ Brands Inc.
Couch Family Foundation, Inc.
Frank E. Duckwall Foundation, Inc.
Jim and Cecelia Ferman
John and Susan Sykes
Manuel and Mary Alvarez, Jr.
Mario Garcia, Jr
Marshall Tucker
Meals on Wheels Association of America
Michelle Castellano
Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.
Randall and Deborah Zomermaand
Rebecca Reid
Rice Family Philanthropic Fund
Robert and Marilyn Fernandez
Tampa Charities, Inc.
The Walter Foundation
Van Fleet Family Fund
We wish to thank all donors who would like to remain anonymous


Individual Gifts: $2,500-$4,999
Andrew and Cynthia Deboer
Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners
Brenda Verbeck Mortensen
Christian Church Foundation, Inc.
Crystal Springs Preserve Inc.
David and Cindy Vann
Davita Medical Group – City Center
Dawn Dasher
Dorothea and Fletcher Gleason Family Foundation, Inc
Fifth Third Bank
HCSO Charities Inc.
Hema and Santosh Kumar
Hill Ward Henderson
Hyde Park Presbyterian Church
Jean Skoien
Jim and Laurel Fredlake
Kevin and Laura Walsh
Kwyjibo Fund
Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church
Meritage Cares Foundation
Monsignor Joseph McCahon
Murphy Revocable Living Trust
Pat Holmes
PFG Private Wealth Management, LLC
Progressive Engineering & Construction Inc.
Stacie Sanford
Star Distribution Systems
Stephen Benjamin
Stephen King
Tampa Bay Runners Inc.
TEGNA Foundation
The Bank of Tampa
Thomas A. & Mary S. James Foundation
Thomas N. and Anne C. Henderson, lll
W. Tommy Morgan, lll
Wal-Mart Store #3463
William and Connie Demeza
William Obregon
We wish to thank all donors who would like to remain anonymous


Individual Gifts: $1,000-$2,499
A. Gerald Divers
Alden and Laura Sherman
Andrew and Janet Knust
Andrew and Mary Ann Hamilton
Ann C. Delong
Ann Dinofsky
Antoinette Hayes Triplett
Arthur and Frieda Moseley
Axel Campbell
Azzarelli Builders Inc
Barton and Shelley Hartsock
Beth Bennett
Betty Valenti
Blume Family Foundation
Brenda Balla
Brew Bus Brewing
Brian Funk
Brian M. and Mary McNulty
Bruce and Vivian Narzissenfeld
CarePlus Healthplans, Inc.
Carl H. and Melinda T. Steiss
Carrollwood Womens Golf Association
Charles A Short
Charles B. and Aida Weissman
Christine Smith
Clara Jo Gruendel Hurley
Coldwell Banker Real Estate Cares Foundation
Colin and Caroline Campbell
Cynthia Butts
Cynthia R. DeBartolo
Dan and Kristin Greco
Danny Hernandez
David and Heidi R. Mattioli
David and Nancy Ridenour
Dennis and Ali Pitocco
Diane S. Egner
Dolores McIntosh
Don and Ellen Stichter
Donald and Edith Sink
Donald L Bodie, Jr
Donald Morrison and Kim Jago
Donna Calleja
Dr. Martin Silbiger
Earl McPhillips
Edmund and Melaney O’Carroll
Elizabeth Valder
Eryl Hadler
Fee and Jeffries, P.A.
Ford & Associates, Inc.
Fran Hamilton
Francisco Llamas
Fraser and Nancy Hale
Frederick and Ann D. Berg
Gopal S. Grandhige
Greg Gruendel and Holly O’Brien
Gregory C Baggerly
Herman Stephenson
Honey Rand
Hyde Park United Methodist Church
Ian Cordell
Ivan and Darlina Jarrin
Jack F. and Sally Cahill, Jr.
James and Jean Wall
James and Vickie Feutz
James F. and Doris T. Siglin Fund
James Jacob
James Kovacs
James M. and Christie D. Roberts
Janis L. Konigsberg
Jay and Nancy Heilman
Jeff Goodwin
Jeff Mount
Jo H. Deck
Joan Thibault
John and Karan Rains
John and Mary Catherine Lamoureux
John and Rhonda Hurst
John N. and Ruth Giordano
Jonathan and Karen Levy
Joseph and Claudine Caballero
Joseph and Jill Valenti
Joseph and Wilda Isabel
Karen Johnston
Katherine E. Shannon
Ken and Cienwen Kemper
Kevin and Kathy Ritchie
Laurence G. and Mary Jo Tyner
Lawrence and Sandra Fuentes
Lea R. LeVines
Lee F. Pallardy, III
Linda Hunter
Linda Washington
Lisa Simington
Lou and Gail Bernucca
Louis Savary and Patricia Berne
LV Thompson Family Foundation Inc
Maija Reblin
Marcy R. Singleton, CPA
Margaret Davis
Marie Hyman
Marilyn Myerson
Mark and Linda Winchester
Mark S Krejci
Mark Scheidter
Matthew L. and Betsy L. Beck
Michael  J. and Donna L. Harak, Jr.
Michael and Barbara Schwirian
Michael and Cheri Donohue
Michael and Ramona Shimberg
Michael P. Maddux, P.A.
Michele Gholson
Patricia Cross
Paul and Alexandra Towell
Paul and Kristan Thomason
Prida Guida & Company, P.A.
Pro-Team Plumbing
R. Ashley and Teresa Miller
Raul and Julie Renderos
Reeves Import Motorcars
Republic Bank
RMC Property Group, Inc.
Robert and Clara Gough
Robert and Maryrose Owens
Roche Bail Bonds
Roche Surety and Casualty Co., Inc.
Ron and Lina Sjoblom
Ronald DeStasio
Rosemary Henderson
Rotary Club of Tampa Foundation, Inc.
Rufus J Williams, IV
Sally Bartholomew
Sally Dee
Scott and Rachel Phillips
Sheila H. Angelone
Sheila Morgan
Shelley Coleman
Shirley Casey
South Branch Ranch Inc
Stephen and Diana Sessums
Stephen M. Cooper
Steve and Cynthia Kurth
Steve and Janice Straske
Steven Jacolow
Suncoast Softball League
Susan Casper
Syniverse Technologies
Tampa Bay Steel Corporation
Ted Barber
Ted Fyffe Endowment Fund
Terry Holcombe
Theodore R. Keiler
Therese Seal
Thomas Panaseny
Thomas Sciortino
Thomas Sean and Megan Lance
Timothy and Michelle Backlund
Tom and Dixie Arthur
Tom and Martha Azzarelli
Tracey McDonald
Vera Nasrallah
Walter S. Pierce Foundation
Walter Woolf VMD
Ybor City Rotary Foundation Inc.
Yvonne Hoffman
We wish to thank all donors who would like to remain anonymous
Individual Gifts: $500-$999
A.W. Windhorst Lodge
Aaron Saoud and Delta Munoz-Saoud
Adriana Paris
AIG Matching Grants
Alexei Mendoza and Ivana Diaz
Andrea Sands
Andrew and Sylvia Henry
Andrew Daddono
Anita G. Carr
Ariasa Company
Belt Contruction Corp of Tampa
Beverly J. White
Bradley J. Resch
Bruce and Barbara Savage
C.S. West & Associates, PA
Cabot Creamery
Carol Rolf
Carol Tucker
Christopher L. and Lauren Schellman
Clara Allen Nixon
Curt and Kiely Agliano
Cynthia Hayes
Dan Rosenthal
Daniel Goldberg
David and Susan Hagan
Dean Millard
Deborah Clouser
Deborah S. Jeffries
Deirdre Colucci
Donald Stokely
Doreen Greco Ide
Drew and Anne Pittman
Elaine Rubel
Elite Roofing Services, Inc.
Elizabeth Tryggeseth
Ellen A. Brankley
Eugene and Mary Hengel
Forest Hills Presbyterian Church
Frances Anne Curtis
Fraternal Order of Eagles Brandon Bingo
Fred Wallrapp
Frederick John Bailey IV
Gordon and Catharine Knapp
Gregory Reynolds
Harold J. and Veronica Costello
Hartford Fire Insurance Company
Heidi K. Hamil
Herbert and Gloria Berkowitz
J. S. Held LLC
James and Karen Wade
James Evans
James H. and Amy G. Shimberg Foundation
James Tanner
Jan Means
Jassy Real Estate Investments
Jerome Green
Jerry and Jane Williams
Jo Anne Webster
Joann Davis
John and Jean Allen
John and Sherry Louer
John Couture
John DeYoung
John E Holt
John Fogarty
Joseph and Cheryl Eagan
Joseph Jacobovitz
Joseph P. Duane
Joyce Wilson
Judith Moore
Katherine Trott
Kenneth and Patricia Lane
Kevin Fitzsimmons
Kids R Kids at Meadow Pointe
Kwisa Davis
Larry Dupree
Laura Gage
Lee Chaffin and Maria Rehm
Lynn Ellen Harman
Mackenzie C. Clark
Manuel and Roxanna Alvarez, III
Margaret D. Murdock
Martha McCurdy
Mary Ann McCoy
Mary E. Prendergast
Mary Esther Parker
Mary Kate Harrison and Gordon Newman
Mary Pond
Melitta USA, Inc.
Michael and Gina Turcotte
Michael and Sandra Freedman
Michael and Virginia Pelosi
Michael Howe
Michael Murray
Michele Yeager
Mindy Kantor
Nadia Villada
Nathaniel G. and Barbara D. Pieper
Pamela Spicer
Paul A. Riley, Jr.
Peter Titus
Quality Precast Co.
R. James and Lindsey Robbins, Jr.
Richard and Susan Leisner
Richard F. Pittman
Richard M. and Sharon Ann Egan
Richard Rubenstein and Jane Fagan
Robert and Angelina Alexander
Robert and Karen Buesing
Robert and Patricia Talham
Robert Bennett
Robert J. and Roberta Z. Muir
Robert P. Chadwick
Rotary Club of Temple Terrace
Roy E. and Libby L. Lauer
Ruth Delaney
Saint Clement’s Episcopal Church
Sandra Rodriguez-Ayala
Santiago Corrada
Sawsan Jaber
Sean and Christine OBrien
Stanley and Julia Williams
Stephen and Inglis Wiley
Stephen Aversa
Steve and Gail Rinaldi
Terry Pitts
The Phoenix Agency
Theresa Boyd
Timothy Grimes
Tready A. Smith
William and Lilly Davis
William H. Martin
William M. Bravick
William O’Connell
Woodrow McCormack Jr.
Xiao Zhang
We wish to thank all donors who would like to remain anonymous


Individual Gifts: Up to $499
3Leaf Solutions, LLC
64 West Collision Repair Inc
A Special Rose Florist
Aakash Patel
Aaron and Patricia Hatcher, III
Abbie Harsh
Abigail Bosco-James
Acquisitions Unlimited
Adam Fernandez
Addison Grams
Adele F. Smith
Adesta Hytha
Adolph and Carmen Steinlen
Adrienne Brown
Aetna Foundation Inc
Alan and Joan Apfel
Alan L. and Merle D. Wallace
Alan L. and Stephanie Saunders
Alan Lucas
Albert and Maureen Royal
Albert E. Harvey
Albert Lucas
Albert M. Miller
Alberta Harris
Alec and Lauren Papadakis
Alethea Belen
Alex Cozzini
Alexander Misarti
Alexis Limberakis
Alfred and Linda Chartier
Alfred J. and Dianne Ferris
Alfred Neuman
Alice B. Mobley
Alice Ferrari
Alicia Smith
Alina Rodriguez
Alisha dos Santos
Alissa Hopkins
Allegany Franciscan Ministries Foundation
Allegra Design Print Mail
Allen and Linda Brissenden
Allen Ralph
Allen Saye
Alma Alexander
Almeria Wright
Alton Barillier Jr
Alveta Maultsby
Alvin and Barbara Wolfe
Alvin and Iris Bernstein
Alvin Gay, Sr.
Alvis Cook
Amalia Bracho
Amanda Hampton
AMC Sales Promotions
Amelita B. Milroy
Amethyst Simmons
Amish Patel
Amy Himes
Amy King
Amy Padgett
Amy Reily
Ana Bosch
Andre and Maryse Beaudry
Andrew G. and Barbara Peterson
Andrew Hoek
Andrew Lutton
Andrew McAlpine
Andrew Moos
Andrew O. Mobley
Andrew Thiele
Angel Cuervo
Angela Bolton Rauber
Angela Lusk
Angela M. Geml
Angela Scarantino
Anita Davis
Ann and Sue Fuller
Ann Brankley
Ann Cooner
Ann Kramer
Ann M. Grundy
Ann Marie Ledwith
Ann Niemi
Ann Shaler
Ann Summerline
Anna Bernus
Anna Bouldin
Anna Carolus
Anna Dorsey
Anna P. Cleveland
Anne C Cuevas
Anne Peters
Annette Cockburn
Annie Deloise Patrick
Anselmo and Carol Torrens
Anthony Adamo
Anthony and Carol Arcuri
Anthony and Enid Campione
Anthony and Michelle Emery
Anthony and Mildred Tangeman
Anthony and Ruth Alessi
Anthony and Zaida Marshall
Anthony Keel
Anthony Verdecia
Antoinina Watkins
Antonio and Sylvia Diaz
Antonio Bryd
Ariel and Paula Rodriguez
Arlene J. Capeluto
Arlene Luis
Armando Corral
Arthur Bochner
Arthur Dague and Laura Offenberg Dague
Arthur Hills
Arthur Little
Arthur Meier
Ashley Wynn
Ashton Connell
Association of Graduates- U.S. Air Force Academy
Audrey Simms
Augustine and Marilyn Martinez
Avani Senjalia
Avis Rayo
Axis Neuropsychological Services Inc.
B and J Ivkovich
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Banker Lopez Gassler, PA
Barbara A. Hubert
Barbara Ann Russo
Barbara Barone
Barbara Barron
Barbara Burns
Barbara Fite
Barbara Harrington
Barbara J. Fisher
Barbara J. Rhodes
Barbara Jones
Barbara L. Meng
Barbara OConnell
Barbara Powell-Miller
Barbara Schang
Barbara Schardt
Barbara Warner
Barbara White
Barbara Wittick
Barry and Myra Topolski
Bart and Simajati Leeflang
Bay Life Assembly Of God
Beecher Martin
Belt Engineering LLC
Ben and Lucy Bostain
Benjamin and Marte Hill
Bennie and Joyce Lazzara Jr.
Bernard and Brenda Backsman
Bernard C. Silver
Bessy Benjamin
Bette Crown
Betty Ann White
Betty Bone
Betty Jones
Betty R Johnson
Betty S. Cohen
Beverly Jamieson King
Beverly M. Bethune
Beverly Miller
Bharminder Bedi
Bill and Claudia Young
Bill Corbitt
Bill Goede
Billie Jo Shaw
Blanche Headrick
Bob McConnell
Bobby G. and Jo Ann Lee
Bonnie Bishop
Bonnie Nesman
Boyd and Marian Holmes
Br. James Van Koolbergen
Bradley Burkhart
Brenda Sigler-Eisenberg
Brenda Swanson
Brendan Hilley
Brett and Janis Bolhofner
Brian and Kelly Leung
Brian and Lynn Ridley
Brian and Susan Gillett
Brian F Butler
Brian J Bernhard
Brian Lametto
Brian McKinley Hunter
Brian Morrison
Brittany Anderson
Brook Eschenroeder
Brown Temple Church of God in Christ
Brownie Girl Scouts Troop 300260
Bruce and Deborah Kaschyk
Bruce and Ellen Houghton
Bruce and Genie Lemler
Bruce and Leslie Henderson
Bruce and Margaret Jarrett
Bruce and Paula Eckard
Bruce and Susan Nelson
Bruce Zimmerman
Bryan and Donna Drackett
Bryan Ezell
Bryan McDonald
Bryne and Audrey Marston
C. Joyce Ferlita
C. Norman Stallings, Jr.
Cadette Girl Scouts Troop 301249
Calvin C. and Merceles H. Bagley
Calvin Catalano
Candace Cressor
Carine Stromquist
Carl and Jan Brown
Carl and Josie Sardegna
Carl D. McFarland
Carlos and Peggy Betancourt
Carlos Hernandez
Carmelo and Elba Meletiche
Carmen Falto
Carmen Reid
Carol and Dan Shea Family Donor Advised Fund
Carol Ann Cousins
Carol Birkenmaier
Carol Cohen
Carol Haber
Carol K. Nelson
Carol Long
Carol Riopelle
Carol Rubin
Carol Sue O’Steen
Carol Turk
Carol Wheaton
Carole Bennett
Carole Groves
Carole Robinson
Carolina Samper Pena
Carolyn Barnes
Carolyn Hall
Carolyn Kaiser Wolfe
Carolyn Lash
Carolyn McMillan
Carolyn Norton
Carolyn Pittman
Carolyn Vallone
Carolyn W. Mitchell
Carolynn Mahar
Carrie Cavalino-Gilbert
Caryl Ann Taylor
Cassandra Wentworth
Catherine A. Thomas
Catherine D. Wallace
Catherine Duquette
Catherine H. Heim
Catherine McEwen
Catherine R. Marston
Cathleen Ihler
Cathy Curry
Cathy James
Cathy Sowell
Cathy Thomas
Cecil Currey
Cecil S. Beamon
Cecilia A Vargas
Celia Conyers
Chandra Ramdhani-Brandon
Chanthi and Chandra Peddu
Charlene M. Tobie and Daniel J. Hill
Charlene NgTang
Charles and Judy Watt
Charles and Karen Halsig
Charles and Lois Gluntz
Charles and Lynne Straley
Charles and Martha Bull
Charles and Melanie McShane
Charles and Patricia NgTang
Charles and Sherry Brocker Jr
Charles and Susan Forkel
Charles Bowler
Charles Diaz
Charles H. Beeby
Charles H. Bowers
Charles Hearns
Charles Lyman
Charlotte Anderson
Charlotte Dumas
Charlotte McCormack
Chase and Mary Holland
Cher Gulachok
Cherlyne Rouse
Cheryl R. Durden
Chib Anderson
Choice Realty Carolmac & Co, Inc
Chris and Anne Clark
Chris Bryant
Chris Heath
Chris Kasten
Christine Debbs
Christine Glover
Christine Kranenburg
Christine Maldonado
Christine Wade
Christopher and Anne Butler
Christopher G. and Toni T. Diaz
Christopher H. and Nicole Abdnour
Christopher Hoover
Christopher Koebbe
Christopher Lewis
Christopher Nardi
Christopher R Martin
Christopher T. Gassett
Christopher Wiederkehr
Christopher Zenel
Chuck Norlin
Chuong Tran and Yen Hong
Cindy Betzer
Cindy L Tornero
Cindy Morgan
Cindy Spahn
Clara M. Garcia
Claudia Balducci
Claudia Stewart
Clement Foss Architects
Clifford and Ellen Rickson
Clinton and Kathleen Dawes
Clive and Evelyn Atkinson
Colleen Costello
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Concepcion Cotera
Connie Krebs
Constance Coe
Coralie Lang
Corinne M. Bowdish
Courtney Eagan
Craig Swanson
Curtis and Barbara Freedland
Cynthia A. Davis
Cynthia Alonso
Cynthia Fox
Cynthia Gregg
Cynthia Lee
Cynthia Phillips
Cynthia Tozzi
Cynthia Zygadlo
D. Hamilton
Daisy Girl Scouts Troop 30733
Dale & Joann Mize
Dalys Gilling
Dan and Debra Riggs
Dan Woodward
Dana M. Martin
Dana Pearson
Daniel and Christine Costello
Daniel and Joan Rutenberg
Daniel and Linda Winchester
Daniel and Mary McDonald
Daniel B. and N. Carlene Snyder
Daniel Bavaro
Daniel Bernard McFadden
Daniel Cope
Daniel Deutsch
Daniel LePage
Daniel Michael Someillan
Darla Broderick Breit
Darrlyn Caudill
David and Barbara Eichenberger
David and Donna Klasek
David and Elizabeth Yarborough
David and Faye Parsons
David and Kathy Short
David and Kimberly Collins
David and Mary Sullivan
David and Rebecca Williams
David and Rose Ann Burton Froberg
David and Sonia Goodwin
David Anderson
David B. and Colleen M. Hanson
David Berner
David Castro
David D. and Satrina L. Winter
David Dabrow
David Dalbo
David Hogg
David Houser
David Jones
David Karlen
David L. Kummelman
David M. and Susan Rieth
David N Dragon
David Nicholson
David P. Hansma
David Peck
David Wheat
Dawana Hug
Dawn Carter-Bristol
Dean Bruns
Debbie Clark
Deborah (DeDe) Grundel
Deborah Coppola
Deborah E Schmitt
Deborah Hablutzel
Deborah Hill
Deborah Kent Skyrms
Deborah L. Dude
Deborah L. Giglio
Deborah L. McCarthy
Deborah Lekenta
Deborah Thames
Deborah Young
Debra Miller
DeeWynn Cox
Deloris Barnes
Denis and Linda Malzone
Denise Moore
Denise Youngblood
Dennis and Camille Dukat
Dennis and Christine Gil
Dennis and Grace Viera
Dennis and Judith Doll
Dennis and Kim King
Dennis J. and Robyn S. Fedorovich
Dennis J. Bender
Derrick Vankampen
Diana Kilman
Diana Norris
Diana Reams
Diane Aramony
Diane Estep
Diane Gentry
Diane Lamb
Diane T Jones
Dixie Louise Mills
Dohnia G Cwik
Dolly and Bill Williams
Dolores Hilton
Domenico and Lillian Cacciatore
Don Haynes
Donal Crocus and Carol Cook
Donald A. Nolin
Donald and Dominique Mellow
Donald and Mary Toeller
Donald and Rosalind Moffett
Donald B. and Cynthia Conaty
Donald Bly
Donald C. and Sally M. Thompson
Donald E. Costello
Donna Fortney
Donna Maier
Donna McGruddy
Donna Moses
Dora C. Noto
Doreen Di Bona
Doris Bower
Doris C Losey
Doris Chiclana
Doris Killian
Dorotheen Ashton
Dorothy Bottner
Dorothy Horan
Doug Helms
Douglas and Laura Politz
Douglas and Maria Rodriguez
Douglas and Maryann Gephart
Douglas and Mildred Kroegel
Douglas R. Webster
Downtown Crawlers
Dr Richard Long
Dr. and Mrs. J Leslie Glick
Dr. David J. Orban and Mrs. Barbara Langland Orban
Dr. Linda A. Dye
Dr. Sheldon and Susan Sbar
Dwight Achong
Dwight and Eileen Strawser
E Alan Gutierrez
Earl F. Comerford
EB McKenzie
Ed and Carla Mandel
Ed and Jean Blattler
Ed Austin
Eddie Hackett
Edmund and Karla Grant
Edmund M. Vollrath
Edna Broyles
Edward and Gilda Folkes, Jr.
Edward and Lisa Woodward
Edward and Marian Alexander
Edward Eager
Edward H. Stein
Edward J. and Janet Santucci
Edward John Fitzgerald
Edward Kinley
Edward Parsons, Ph.D.
Edwin Mateo
Edwin Narain
Efthimia Santos
Eileen and James Patterson
Eileen R. Norris
Elaine Daly
Elaine Martino
Elaine W. Kaufman
Elaine Yost
Eleanor Fulford
Eleanor Hubbard
Eleanor Trefzer
Elijah Hall Jr.
Elinor Hunt
Elisa P. Cross
Elizabeth Brandes
Elizabeth M. Jenkins
Elizabeth Sirois
Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Winston
Ella Schmidt
Ellen Anderton
Ellen G. Yost
Ellen Hammond Ogden
Ellyne Myers
Elroy and Deidre Donovan
Elsa A. Mantas
Elsa B. Rivera
Emily A. Duty
Emma Ohaegbulam
Eria Chester
Eric and Lyris Newman
Eric Franklin
Eric Jessen
Erica Easdale
Erica Sackett
Ericka Leigh
Erin Fowler
Ernest and Judith Lisi
Ernest P. and Janie A. MacBryde Trust
Essie Emanuel
Estate of Fimie Richie
Estate of Priscilla G Reynolds GA
Esther Crabtree
Ethel Chastain
Etta M. Strehle
Evan Conley
Evelyn Christine Bennett
Evelyn Clark
Evelyn Everett
Evelyn James
Evie A. Ward
Faith Whitfield
Farrah Miller
Faye B. Carr
Felicia Crosby-Rucker
Felicia Mingo
FITniche Events
Florence Conte Piercey
Frances A. Christakos
Frances Bekafigo
Frances Bingham Kerr
Frances Knopke
Francis and Patricia Kurz
Frank and Linda Catanach
Frank and Rachel Ferreri
Frank Castellano
Frank Coon
Frank Dennis and Doris S. Alvarez
Frank Fusco
Frank Gallant
Frank Kujawa
Frank Torres
Frank Torres
Fred and Marjorie Eiseman
Freddie Graddy
Frederick and Barbara Matthews
Frederick and Joan Frankel
Frederick and Judith Eilers
Frederick and Marilyn Wadley
Fusae S Kidwell
G.M. Refrigeration Inc.
Gabriela Santos
Gabrielle Anderson
Gaetan and Therese Giudice
Gail C Jachimek
Gail Olson
Gale Acton
Galen Koito
Garson Herzfeld
Gary and Judy Baker
Gary and Kay Thompson
Gary D. and Janet Pailthorp
Gary Defalco and Constance Psihoulis
Gary E. Welch
Gary Ellsworth
Gary Gibbons
Gary L. and Nora Gayle Franklin
Gary Pittman
Gary Rippa
Gary Simon
Gary White
Gayle Collins
Gayle Ossip
Gear Spinners DBA Complete I.T.
Genevieve Garcia
Geoff Guidera
George and Betty Hardy IV
George and Dorothy Benke
George and Joyce Powers
George D. Powell
George Poulos
George R. (Randy) James
George Washburn
George Zucker
Georgi Angelov
Georgianna Derosier
Gerald and Deborah Siering
Gerald and Joy Lolli
Gerald and Kathy Arsenault
Gerald Anderson
Gerald Hatcher
Gerald L. and Gloria J. Hasara
Geraldine J Nelson
Geraldine Massari
Gertraud Clark
Gertrude Gaughran
Gertrude Watts
GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club
Gianna Graham
Gilbert and Victoria Guerra
Gina Babka
Glenn and Patricia LaGrange
Glenn Fasani
Gloria Andrews
Gloria Barr
Gloria Fisher
Gloria Roth
Grace Folsom
Grace Marie Erath
Gracie Buchanan
Grant and Sherry Anderson
Grant Heilman
Green Saver Inc
Greg and Stacey Hendrickson
Greg DiGiovanni
Greg Vawter and Anne Ross
Gregory and Shannon Presson
Gregory Peters
Gregory W. and Tracey A. Iglehart
Gunnar and Georgina Munk
Gus LaRussa
Guy and Arlene Bickel
Gwen Hollstrom Hinkle
Gwendolyn Butler
Hansen and Joanne Baizan
Happy Nails and Spa
Harrison and Sandra Fail
Harrison and Sharon Hickinbotham
Harry and Gladys Brakman
Harry and Joanne Day
Harry and Lieselotte Bryant
Harry Truman
Harry W. Miller, Jr.
Heather Mann
Hector and Beatriz Merly
Hector Buria
Heidi Fayard
Heidi Hess
Heidi Lucke
Helen Gilbart
Helen Harkins
Helen Straske
Helen T. Shoemaker
Helene Matcha
Henry and Janida Thuemler
Henry and Sarah Wiley, III
Henry Cramer
Henry Humbert
Herbert and Sharon Gold
Herbert J. and Shelly P. Baumann
Hilary Mentkow
Hilda Genco
Hillery and Chloe Jones
HJ Investment Group
Hooters Management Corporation
Horace and Dawn Gordon
Hsiao Ying and Kang Hu
Hugo Narvarte
Huiwen Cheng
Ida Liles and Deborah Brady
Inner Creations Inc
Ione Lara
Irene G. Hartman
Irene Rapoza
Irene Urban
Iris A. Rose
Irwin and Sharon Kantrowitz
Irwin Fleischman
Irwin L. and Phyllis E. Browarsky
Irwin Sieffert
J and B Yado
J S Fontanills
J. Graves and Susie Vann
J. Thomas and Lee Touchton
Jack and Joan Cawthon Jr
Jack J. Duran
Jack Maan
Jack W. and Eleanor F. Morrison
Jackie Andrews
Jackie Gilbert
Jackie Mix
Jacqueline M. Preston
Jagdish Patel
Jake and Adrienne Perlman
James A. and Elaine G. Wessman
James A. Schoolfield
James and Bernice Teske
James and Carol Ahearn
James and Justine Shackowsky
James and Linda Swenson
James and Lois Menera
James and Marilyn Christensen
James and Mary Ann Paleveda
James and Mary Frances Bransford
James and Nancy Green
James and Patricia Bernitt
James and Patricia Noel
James and Pattie Hus
James and Ramona Powell
James and Sally Pullin
James and Sue Endress
James and Tina Simms
James and Wendy Foley
James Bardin
James Becker
James D. and Judith Cavenaugh, Jr.
James D. Leone
James H. and Liz Shimberg, Jr.
James Hoffman
James J. and Joan W. Jennewein
James McCarthy
James Mosley
James Pearlman
James Perry
Jamie Klingman
Jamie Ziegler
Jan and Grace Emrich
Jan Annette Berry
Jane Italiano
Jane Lowry
Jane R Dye
Janet Costello
Janet Langford
Janet M Smiley
Janette McElwain
Janice A Valle
Janice Demers
Janis Guzzle Chapman
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Jannie L Gibson
Jason and Susan Hoge
Jason Fowles
Jason Gibson
Jason Montgomery
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Jay H Ferris
Jean Anne Dolle
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Jean Davis
Jean R. Harrell
Jean Turner
Jeanette Emery
Jeanne Cohen
Jeanne E Tyre
Jeanne M. Kuehner
Jeanne N. Golden
Jeannette Williams
Jeff and Cynthia Dixon
Jeffrey and Aysel Porter
Jeffrey and Felice Gilfor
Jeffrey and Lezlie Gold
Jeffrey Duesler
Jeffrey M. and Denise W. Dean
Jena Alfonso
Jennifer Berry
Jennifer Burke
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Jennifer Kober
Jennifer M Matasic
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Jennifer Moore
Jennifer Srigley
Jerome Elsenrath II
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Jerry and Mary Sue Shaver
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Joe Brown
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Joe O. and Maria R. Howell
John  and Irene M. Hosso, Jr.
John A. and Laura Curtiss
John A. and Mary Bennett, Jr.
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John and Gudrun Quirin
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John and Kay Peterson
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John and Linda Colman
John and Linda Dufresne
John and Lynn Kehlenbeck
John and Nancy Schwanebeck
John and Patricia Horne
John and Patricia McKay
John and Roberta Toole
John and Sheila Rementer
John and Sheryl Stickles
John and Shirley Parson
John B. Harris
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John E. and Marilyn Horst
John J LaBonte
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John L. and Rosemary Hilley
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Judy Tampa Productions
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Junior Girl Scouts Troop 30017
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Lake Magdalene United Methodist Women
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Mr. and Mrs. Byron Smith
Jacqueline Preis
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gold
Jacqueline Preis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yelverton
Thomas N. and Anne C. Henderson, lll
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Valenti
Jacqueline Preis
Mrs. William Steinberg
Jacqueline Preis
Nathan and Cara Naylor
Sheldon and Johanna Barat
NCS Staff & Entertainment Team
Mike and Donna Anderson
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Edward DeBartolo
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Bruce and Dawn Van Fleet
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Thomas N. and Anne C. Henderson, lll
Sandy Rief
Joan McKay
Scott Cutter
Laura Cutter
Steve and Diana Sessums
Gary E. Welch
Steve Sweeney
Barbara OConnell
Sue Eckstein
Paula Winokur
Tanner and Dave Sobelman
Nelson and Linda Gilreath
Teresa Armas
Azzarelli Builders Inc
Tribute Gifts: In Memory Of
Alexander Brown
Sandra Hodges
Arlene Gray
Susan Elbare
Art Waltzer
James H. and Amy G. Shimberg Foundation
B. J. Beck
Matthew L. and Betsy L. Beck
Barbara Monahan
Donald and Dominique Mellow
Betty Hesson
Nicole Meisenburg
Gunnar and Georgina Munk
C.S. Ramakrishnan
Rupal Ramakrishnan
Carolyn Frost
Kathleen Frost
Chris Bittman
Eric and Lyris Newman
Clyde Tyner
Laurence G. and Mary Jo Tyner
David Thomas
Jane R Dye
Donald J. Underwood
Wendell Underwood
Dorothy McRae
J S Fontanills
Barbara Harrington
Dale & Joann Mize
Randolph and Laurette Valdez
Edith McCurdy
Martha McCurdy
Eleanor Ernest Robinson
Mary Alice Shand
Elizabeth James
L.J. Gibbons
Francis Johnson
William and Betty Brooks
Patricia Johnson
Grace Clark
Charles Hearns
Helen Rand
Honey Rand
Howell McKay
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Ida Cardinale
Jo Ann Russo
James Marvin Owen
Alexis Limberakis
Janine Carr
Anita G. Carr
Jean Divers
Don and Ellen Stichter
Jeanne Ilgen
Lenard Ilgen
Jeannine Almburg Weeks
Brian and Susan Gillett
Joe and Connie Scionti
Jeanette Emery
John “Jay” Miller
Mary A. Miller
John Kelly Kennedy
Stephen and Inglis Wiley
Johnie Cabe Frith
William I. and Mary R. Barnes
Joseph House
James and Linda Swenson
Judith Alice Fasulo
Joe Brown
Larry Foster
James and Marilyn Christensen
Lesley Hanlon
Brian and Susan Gillett
Lois Wagenhurst
Linda L. Weimer
Louis Brown
Elroy and Deidre Donovan
Louise Signore
Sean McBride
Lynn Townsend
Christine C. Smith
Margaret Goodson
Carol Cohen
Frank Coon
Janet Costello
Heidi Fayard
Judith Galloway
John and Patricia Horne
Mary Ragsdale
Bob and Cathy Smith
Scott Steadman
Mary Walston
Mary Baker Robbins
Joan McKay
Mary Hansma
David P. Hansma
Mary Hardee
Bette Crown
Deborah Kent Skyrms
Mary Hatcher
Gerald Hatcher
Murray McDonough
Bonnie Bishop
P Warnasuriya
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Patsy Carte
Joan McKay
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John and Barbara Manning
Joseph and Cherie Thaxton
Elaine Yost
Richard Griffin
Edward and Marian Alexander
Mike and Karen Callison
Richard Polselli
Deborah Coppola
Russell and Dovie Becraft
David and Heidi R. Mattioli
Star Distribution Systems
Sal Cappello
Jennifer Millman
Sandy Brown
Alfred J. and Dianne Ferris
Alan L. and Stephanie Saunders
Carol Wheaton
Sara Phelps
David and Donna Klasek
Quality Precast Co.
Shirley Pasetti
Sheila Morgan
Maria Chirico
Thelma Greco
Ariasa Company
Thomas Claypool
Association of Graduates- U.S. Air Force Academy
Tommy Root
The Walter Foundation
Virgil Smith
Brian and Susan Gillett
Walter Turner
John Turner
In-Kind Gifts
All American Dance Factory
Amethyst Simmons
Amy Basile
Amy Parsels
Ana Maritza Golan
Ana-Karina Guerra
Anchor Point Church
Andrew and Mary Ann Hamilton
Anja Plomp
Bank of America
Bank of Tampa
Banker Lopez Gassler, PA
Barnes Trial Group
Bay Area Legal Services
BayCare Medical Group Primary Care
Bell Creek Academy
Bob and Cathy Smith
Brad and Shirley Jackson
Brandon Pieppont & Ariel Landry Pieppont
Burger Monger
Cabot Creamery
Carol Tucker
Carolina Penzo
Carolyn Lash
Carrie Rowland
CenterState Bank
Century 21 Affiliated
Checkpoint Technologies
Cheney Brothers
Cheney Brothers, Inc
Colleen Nash
Columbia Restaurant Group
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
CycleBar South Tampa
Dave Cutler
Dawn D Arnold
Debbie Lariscy
Dennis Michael Holt
Donna Moses
Ed and Carla Mandel
Ercilia Albistu
EVOS Carrollwood
EVOS South Tampa
EVOS St. Pete
Fran Pupello
Fraser and Nancy Hale
Gene Frederick
GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club
GFWC Temple Terrace Woman’s Club, Inc.
Girl Scout Troop #2208
Girl Scout Troop 360 & 409
Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay
Grand Reserve
Grant Vosburg
Greenacre Properties
Grow Financial
Hillsborough County LGBTA Democratic Caucus
Hilton Tampa-Westshore
Humana & CarePlus Health Plans
Humana Pharmacy Solutions
Jack Crocetto
Jane Gibbons
Jane Myers
Javan and Ellen Frinks
Jeff Adelman
Jeff and Lori Chilcott
Jocelyn Dickman
John and Mary Catherine Lamoureux
Kforce Staffing & Solutions
Kim Lawless
Kimberly Collins
La Segunda Central Bakery
Laura Sokalski
Lauren Johnson
Lewis Elementary School
Lisa Mifflin
Lombardo Real Estate
LP Food Distributors
Lunch Box
MacDonald Training Center
Madeliene A Diemer
Marisa Aloyo
Mease Dunedin Hospital-BayCare
Michael Deloach
Michelle Vance
Mobile Physician Services
Moffitt Cancer Center-Infusion Center
Morgan Stanley
Nestle Waters North America
Nicole Bogan
Nu Vista Foods
Painting with a Twist
Pamela Medley
Paula W. Finch
Penny Saver Weekly News, Inc.
Pineywoods Realty
Proshred Security
Publix Supermarkets, Inc.
Quest Inc.
Random Acts of Flowers
Reeves Import Motorcars
Reeves Subaru
Richard Vega
Rick Eppers
RMC Property Group, Inc.
RP Title & Expo LLC
Safe Point Insurance
Sanwa Farmer’s Market
SBCF Family Law Firm
Seagate Chiropractic Maximized Living Health Center
Shana Taylor-Page
Sherry R Heywood
St. John’s Episcopal Church
St. Lawrence Catholic School, Brownie Troop #355
St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church
St. Mary’s School
Stephanie-Viviana Bell
Stewart Middle Magnet School
Susan S. Donley
Tampa Bay Christian Academy
Tampa Bay Runners Inc.
Tampa Charities, Inc.
Tampa MEPS
The Center for Culinary and Nutrition Services
Tomlin St Cyr Real Estate Services
Trenam Law
Ultra Pure Bottled Water
United Healthcare
Uriah’s Urban Farms
US Foods
USF National Residence Hall Honarary
Vigo Importing Company, Inc.
Village Presbyterian Church, Bags of Hope at Community Food Pantry
Village Presbyterian Church, Etcetera Group
YMCA-Roosevelt Elemtary
Yvette Rouse