Meals On Wheels of Tampa, Inc.

Donor Privacy Policy

Meals On Wheels of Tampa, Inc. collects and uses information about donors including name, address, phone number, email address and mailing preferences.  In addition, Meals On Wheels of Tampa keeps a record of donor history.  This information is kept on file for compliance purposes and is also used by the organization for budgetary and planning purposes.

Information on donors is input into a database which is password protected with access granted only to individuals who need this information to adequately perform their job responsibilities.  This includes individuals who work in or assist with development and/or financial reporting for Meals On Wheels of Tampa, Inc.

To publicly recognize and thank donors for their generosity, Meals On Wheels of Tampa, Inc. publishes an annual report that includes a list of donors’ names and annual giving amounts.  Any donor wishing to remain anonymous should notify Meals on Wheels of Tampa of this request upon making the donation.  All such requests will be honored in all publications.


Approved by the Meals On Wheels of Tampa Board of Directors on 01/29/13.