School Community Service Hours

Meals on Wheels of Tampa can help students complete required school-related community service hours.


Please contact us at 813-238-8410 to discuss completing community service hours with us! 


Community Service Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Making special birthday gift bags that volunteers will deliver on the recipients birthday, along with a cake and card from Meals On Wheels. To create these special bags, groups and individuals collect and assemble items into bags at a location of their choosing (such as at home or office), or space can be arranged in our offices. Items can be assembled into any paper-style lunch bag or gift bag. We encourage volunteers to insert a note or decorate the bags. We welcome your creativity in compiling the bags, adding items as you see fit. Suggested items include: can of soup and crackers, hot cocoa with peppermint sticks, instant coffee or tea, hard candies and snacks (crackers, chips, cookies, etc.), fresh fruit (softer fruits, such as clementines, oranges, bananas, are best), toiletries (hand or body lotion, lip balm, soap, etc.), fuzzy socks, small magnifying glass, puzzle books and pencils, coloring books and crayons, candles, and anything else you think would be festive!


  • Making greeting cards with positive messages (Valentines, Easter, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Holiday, etc.).


  • Helping on the day of a special event (Hurricane Preparedness Pack Day,Thanksgiving, or POW! (every 3rd Saturday of the month).


  • Making baked goodies for the Thanksgiving morning delivery. Holiday treats are a simple yet impactful way to let homebound seniors know the community cares. Receiving a holiday treat and/or card along with the hot meal gives our seniors an extra reason to celebrate special days. Please package items individually, ideas include: slice of pie, cookies, brownies, muffins, homemade bread,and anything else you find delicious!


  • Giving your time at the office to help wash out coolers used in the daily meal delivery by volunteers.