Meals On Wheels of Tampa is committed to transparency and accountability throughout its work. This page includes the organizations annual reports, audited financials and annual tax filings.

Annual Reports

The annual reports highlight the Meals On Wheels of Tampa’s work and achievements that are made possible by our supporters and partners. Learn about the Meals On Wheels of Tampa programs and the positive impact they have on thousands of people.

2017-2018 Annual Report Together, We Deliver

2016-2017 Annual Report Together We Are More

2015-2016 Annual Report Changing the Story

2014-2015 Annual Report Because of You

2013-2014 Annual Report Delivering Results

Audited Financial Statements

2017-2018 Audited Financials

2016-2017 Audited Financials

2015-2016 Audited Financials

2014-2015 Audited Financials

2013-2014 Audited Financials

IRS 990 Forms

2017-2018 IRS 990 Form

2016-2017 IRS 990 Form

2015-2016 IRS 990 Form

2014-2015 IRS 990 Form

2013-2014 IRS 990 Form

Records Retention and Destruction Policy

Meals On Wheels of Tampa Records Retention & Destruction Policy