poster_tiffany_breakfast11Do good. Feel Good.

When you are a Meals On Wheels volunteer, you are delivering much more than a hot meal – you are providing human connection.

A typical volunteer route takes about one hour to complete. This one hour affects the lives of so many of our neighbors in need throughout Tampa. For many of our homebound neighbors, you will be the only person they will see or speak with all day. This special delivery gives them a reason to get up in the morning, something to look forward to and a reminder to take care of themselves.





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Delivering meals together will help your employees or members build teamwork, improve cooperation and increase productivity in the workplace. A study published by Deloitte shows that 78% of employees would rather work for an ethical and reputable company than receive higher pay. In other research, the University of Texas at Austin found volunteer programs can help develop employee skills, improve leadership skills, create teamwork opportunities and create more job satisfaction. For more information click here or contact Lauren Vance 813-238-8410