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Imagine you, or someone you cared for, being unable to leave home to purchase food for their basic needs. They can’t jump in a car to run to the store. They may also be frail and simply don’t have the strength to prepare their meals. These are our homebound neighbors. The homebound are all around us. Because we don’t see them, they can be easy to forget. Many are isolated, hungry, and alone.

Meals on Wheels of Tampa exists to help provide for the homebound.

We serve approximately 750 hot, freshly made meals per day. Nourishment is essential to life and for many that receive our meals, it is essential for their minds as well. Our service gives them healthy, nutritious meals that nourish their bodies and allow them to keep their independence. The daily visits from volunteers provide human contact that is enriching for the soul. For many of the homebound, this is the only human contact they will receive that day. Together we strengthen the community by caring for a segment of our population who are often forgotten.

Meals on Wheels of Tampa is committed to the mission of “Nourishing and enriching the independent lives of the homebound and seniors.”