Meals are prepared fresh, daily in our kitchen.

We feed over 700 homebound recipients each day.

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Welcome to Meals On Wheels of Tampa

Imagine you have a family member – a parent or grandparent – who is homebound, struggling, and isn’t eating well.  You’re worried about them but, due to where you live or your own schedule, you can’t provide them with the healthy meals that you know they need.

Or imagine that person is you.  Imagine, because of age, disabilities, or health problems, you can’t stand long enough to cook a meal.  Imagine that you’re unable to just hop in a car to go to the grocery store or to go out to eat.  Life is a struggle.  Perhaps walking is a struggle. You’re hungry.  You feel isolated and alone.

Where can you turn for help?  The answer is Meals On Wheels of Tampa.

Meals on Wheels of Tampa provides hot, fresh, nutritious meals to the homebound, disabled, and elderly throughout the Tampa community every day, fulfilling its mission of “Nourishing the body…Enriching the spirit…and Strengthening the community…”  .  Each meal is delivered directly to the doorstep of the homebound individual by a friendly, caring volunteer at or around the noontime hour.

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Service Expansion Update: Palm River & Progress Village, 33619

As you may have heard, as of Monday, January 12th, 2015, Meals On Wheels of Tampa expanded its services into Palm River & Progress Village, zip code 33619. This expansion was made possible by generous grants awarded by the Allegany Franciscan Ministries and Bank of America.

We are serving 35 recipients to date from the 33619 community. We have delivered a total of 800 meals to those recipients  in the last 7 weeks.  Much emphasis has been spent on spreading the word of our presence and developing partnerships in the area.  Focus has been placed on presenting to organizations, mailing flyers/letters to targeted homes, placing posters around town, and distributing materials to faith, health, and other community organizations.  There is much to be done to acquire recipients, develop partners, and secure volunteers in this area, but we are looking forward to the challenge as we believe there are several people in this area who will benefit from our services.

If you, or anyone you know, may be interested in driving a route in the Palm River or Progress Village area, please call Taylor at 813-238-8410.

If you know someone who could benefit from our services please have them call Jan at 813-238-8410.